During my travels around the state I’ve felt the anxiety hidden behind the smiles. Hard working people feel forgotten, overlooked, ignored.  They feel they’re fighting their battles alone. Think about the greatest challenges you face personally and we face as a state and ask the question: has our Governor punted on or confronted those issues?
I’m running for Governor because I don’t believe you lead by doing only what’s easy. I believe you must have the courage to do what’s right for all of us. I’m hoping to earn your support. You already have mine.
Let me tell you about the experience and perspective I’d bring to the Governor’s office.  Like many here in Maryland, I grew up in a military family – we moved around a lot.
In school I struggled with reading – I got into fights – and I got held back.  But because I had loving parents and teachers who refused to give up on me – I got the education I needed and became the first in my family to go to college. Education saved my life.
Every politician says they’re for better schools but are they tough enough to make the political sacrifices necessary to make it happen? For me, it’s very personal.
I’m the one candidate in this race who has tackled the state’s critical issues AND passed laws through the state legislature AND run a large, complex government – the 2nd largest county in the state. When I became County Executive, there was basically no economic development happening in the county, we had a foreclosure crisis, crime was rising and the county had been rocked by an ethics scandal – we were down.
7 years later, Prince George’s County is leading the state in job creation, with 8 billion dollars worth of development, crime is down to the lowest level in 30 years and we’ve passed tough ethics reform that’s a model for other counties in the state. What’s supposed to be going up, is up. What’s supposed to be down, is down. Are we perfect? No. Are we better?  Absolutely!
Whether you live in a rural, urban, or suburban part of the state I’ve got a record of results on issues that matter to you.   Do you really want someone with no record, a poor record, or a record of ignoring issues in charge of our future?
Every child should and can get a great education.  We can create good jobs and make sure our workers have the skills to compete.  We can make our neighborhoods safer and tackle opioid abuse. You deserve and will have family medical leave and every family can have affordable healthcare.  We can grow Maryland’s economy so it works for all of us.

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