My name is Rich Madaleno. I have had the honor of serving the people of Maryland in the State House and Senate for the past 15 years. People know me as a policy expert, sometimes even as a wonk.  People know me as a pragmatic, responsible leader on budget issues. They know me as crusader for civil rights and social justice. They know me as a proud husband and loving father. I am running for governor… and I am going to win.

I am the only Democrat who can take on – and beat – Larry Hogan.

I will win because there is no other candidate in the race - including the incumbent - who brings my track record of leadership and real results for the people of Maryland. I have served as an effective and unrelenting champion for the entire state. From education to transportation, from economic development to economic justice, from sustainable health care to environmental sustainability… no other candidate has taken on so many of the toughest fights from the inside – and won them.

On the critical issues facing the people of our state, we need a bold, tireless governor who can set an agenda of progress for all Marylanders.  Larry Hogan is not that governor – Rich Madaleno will be that Governor.

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