Larry Hogan has A Rating from the NRA

Larry Hogan is a pro-gun Governor. He got an A rating from the NRA in the last election and according to reporting at the time in the Baltimore Sun, Mr. Hogan had told pro-gun activists that he would find ways to open the doors to more concealed-carry permits. He then stacked the Handgun Permit Review Board with pro-gun enthusiasts.  The Handgun Permit Review Board hears appeals from people who want to get a gun or a concealed-carry permit and are turned down by the state police. Since Hogan’s tenure as Governor, the Handgun Permit Review Board has granted permission for handguns in the following situations:

In October, the board overturned the state police to grant a permit to a man whose car had been broken into and burgled — but who had no documented evidence that he himself was a target.

That same month, another person who had been granted a permit to carry a gun in limited circumstances because he is a business owner who carries valuable items, appealed in hopes of being allowed to carry a gun anywhere at any time. Among other things, he cited the threats posed by ISIS and al-Qaeda. The board voted 4-1 to allow it.

In November, a paramedic from Fruitland appealed his denial from the state police, saying he believed he could be in danger when responding to emergency calls. His supervisor at the fire company testified that he would not be allowed to carry a gun while at work and mostly assigned to administrative duty anyway. The board granted him a permit.

In just the first two months of 2017, the board heard eight cases and overturned the state police six times.