Hogan's Transportation Priorities

Maryland’s traffic is rated as some of the worst in the country but Hogan‘s proposals fail to create a solution that works for all Marylanders, instead, steering resources away from urban areas and into private hands.  

Larry Hogan has undermined  public transportation in Baltimore. He nixed Baltimore's Red Line proposal in 2015 which would have connected low income, predominantly black neighborhoods to downtown jobs and services.

Baltimore Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake said that Hogan’s cancellation of the Red Line hurt a city that is working to improve the lives of its residents. “..(H)e canceled a project that would have expanded economic development, created thousands of jobs, increased access to thousands more and offered residents better health care, childcare and educational opportunities” said Rawlings-Blake.  WBAL, 6/26/15

"We can do better" for Baltimore, Hogan said. But he hasn't. His woefully inadequate alternatives have not been well received by city commuters.

After calling Baltimore's Red Line proposal a "wasteful boondoggle", Gov. Hogan proposed spending more than three times as much on a $9 billion plan to widen three highways used by Maryland's car commuters. It includes adding four lanes to the B-W Parkway that would be toll lanes. Hogan's construction plan could begin in 2019.

Hogan’s proposal would funnel money into private businesses and would create a new system of toll roads that benefit suburbanites while ignoring the needs of urban residents. Angie Schmitt at the Streetsblog USA website warns that ,  “counting on tolls to cover the cost of expensive new roads is often a bad bet, and if things go belly up, the public will be on the hook." She refers to a $3.8 billion construction debacle in Vice President Mike Pence's Indiana, where the toll road operator filed for bankruptcy, indeed leaving taxpayers on the hook. Other privately financed toll roads have gone belly up in San Diego, South Carolina, Alabama and Detroit.

As he promotes expensive highway solutions, Gov. Hogan refuses to  promote mass transit to ease the strain on  Maryland's urban and lower income communities. In addition to cancelling the Baltimore red line, he initially opposed the Washington area purple line and recently threatened not to give any additional funds to the Washington Metro system. Hogan’s efforts focus solely on projects that  help private road contractors and suburban car commuters. His plans would devour more land and create more traffic, sprawl and air pollution.

We need a governor who is committed to the transit needs of all Marylanders and who will explore solutions for all modes of transportation. We deserve a governor who will not kill urban solutions in favor of suburban sprawl or funnel public money to risky private deals. Maryland needs to #movehoganout.