Maryland made my American Dream possible—from escaping a civil war to working for Michelle Obama at the White House. I want to build one Maryland for all, so we can improve education for everyone, raise wages across the State, and protect the Chesapeake Bay for generations to come. I’ve already been called Trump’s “worst nightmare” -- as a woman, a minority, an immigrant, and a mom,I represent everything that President Trump disparages every day. I am running for Governor to defend and fight for the values that define and unite us and to make sure Maryland is the beacon of hope, opportunity, innovation, and courage it has been for my family all my life.

As a new mother and lifelong Marylander, I'm running for Governor because I'm worried my daughter and other children across Maryland will not have the same opportunities my parents gave me when they brought our family to Baltimore when I was a baby girl.

My parents came here when I was just 9 months old to escape a civil war. They found a state ripe with opportunity for anybody who was willing to work for it, and a strong public school system that empowered me to succeed. For most of my life, Maryland led the nation in school performance, job creation, and conservation; it was a beacon of hope, opportunity, innovation, and courage. But today too many of the students who can least afford to be left behind have been forgotten altogether. Too many workers have been left out. And our precious Chesapeake Bay faces its greatest risks in decades. The deficit in leadership from our current Governor could not come at a worse time.

As Governor, I will focus on what matters most—improving schools, increasing wages, reducing crime, treating drug addiction, investing in infrastructure, alleviating traffic, and protecting our treasured natural resources. To accomplish all this, politics as usual is not enough. We need a new generation of leadership and policies that will make progress at home, while standing up to a White House that threatens the very values that unite and define us. Some of my policy priorities will be: to strengthen our schools, guarantee universal Pre-K, ensure access to affordable childcare, rectify statewide K-12 funding inequities, and ensure a world-class STEM education to every Maryland public school student; to revitalize our economy, expand the biotech and tech corridors to every corner of Maryland, deliver pay equity and paid family medical leave to every Maryland worker, invest in infrastructure to reduce congestion and to increase access to employment; safeguard our environment, make Maryland the national leader in clean energy and climate action in the United States, restore the Chesapeake Bay & Maryland’s treasured waterways, and invest in Maryland’s outdoor economy. I have proudly spent my career forging I have proudly spent my career forging innovative thinking policies, building consensus, and delivering results. 

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