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Rushern Baker   (Lt. Gov. Elizabeth Embry)

Rushern Baker  (Lt. Gov. Elizabeth Embry)

Ben Jealous   (Lt. Gov. Susan Turnbull)

Ben Jealous  (Lt. Gov. Susan Turnbull)

Rich Madaleno   (Lt. Gov. Luwanda Jenkins)

Rich Madaleno  (Lt. Gov. Luwanda Jenkins)

Alec Ross   (Lt. Gov. Julie Verratti)

Alec Ross  (Lt. Gov. Julie Verratti)

Jim Shea   (Lt. Gov. Brandon M. Scott)

Jim Shea  (Lt. Gov. Brandon M. Scott)

Krishanti Vignarajah   (Lt. Gov. Sharon Y. Blake)

Krishanti Vignarajah  (Lt. Gov. Sharon Y. Blake)

Kevin Kamenetz

Kevin Kamenetz


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Ben Jealous

(LT. GOV. Susan Turnbull)

I'm running for governor because in the Trump-era, we need new leadership with the courage and experience to protect our values. I've spent my entire life bringing people together and building broad, diverse coalitions to create real change in real time to ensure that government is responsive and accountable to the people. I have demonstrated that I will stand up for progressive principles and specializes in building unlikely alliances to advance good public policy to achieve those ends. 

I stand for a Maryland where hard work is the only thing standing between people and success. I believe that if you work hard you should be able to send your kids to good schools with a highly qualified teacher in every classroom, you should be able to have quality, affordable health insurance without worrying about rising premiums, your job should pay a living wage, you should have the opportunity to attend college or learn a trade without going into massive debt and you should be able to start a business without unnecessary red tape. 

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