We invite organizations to join us in this endeavor by becoming a Sponsor of United for Maryland PAC.

How United for Maryland PAC can help you:

  • Cross promote your events.
  • Provide access to candidates for your membership at our events.
  • Help you find the expertise and support to carry out your mission.
  • Serve as a resource to connect organizations.
  • Post your events on a sharable calendar.
  • Preserve your group’s autonomy in making a gubernatorial endorsement.

Sponsoring organizations agree to the following:

  • Support our objective of impressing upon all candidates the need to put the greater good of the State above all else.
  • Share our mission with your group members.
  • Submit up to 5 questions that you would like answered by the candidates (to be reviewed and consolidated by our steering committee).
  • Encourage volunteers from your group to serve on various working committees.
  • Cross promote our events.
  • Consider making contributions of financial support to ensure the success of our efforts.

We hope you will unite with us in this critical effort to restore good Gubernatorial leadership to our state and to protect Maryland from 2020 redistricting efforts under a Republican governor.

To join or ask further questions, please complete the form below:

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