Talent is everywhere - but opportunity is not. I’m running for Governor because that needs to change. I saw real talent in the sixth graders I taught in West Baltimore at Booker T. Washington Middle School. Some of my students were brilliant - but because of things beyond their control, they barely stood a chance. Under Larry Hogan, we aren’t doing our best to connect talent and opportunity. I've dedicated my career to expanding educational and economic opportunity to those who currently don't have it.

My campaign is about a new way of thinking about challenging government to do better for hard working families and a new way of generating opportunity in every neighborhood in our state. We need to make critical investments in economic development to create new jobs, fight to strengthen workers’ rights, empowering women, and create a government that works for the people of Maryland, rather than special interests. Together, we will make sure that Maryland leads the way to the economy of the future. 

I'm running for Governor to fight for Maryland values and stand up to Trumpism. I want everyone in Trump's Washington to know that the second they cross the state line into Maryland -- they are entering into the heart of the resistance. It’s important that progressives, immigrant communities, communities of color, and labor all have a voice in Annapolis standing up to the disaster coming out of Washington.

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